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The evolving tyre landscape – what fleets need to know

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

The evolving tyre landscape

In recent years its become evident that the tyre landscape is evolving, the fleet sector and its partners have faced a range of changes. Wih the current pace of change, its been difficult to keep up and understand how those changes have impacted the industry key partners and fleets.

As tyres impacts so many key elements of maintenace propositions, including the customer journey, running costs, VOR, and environmental objectives, it’s important we recongise the changing dynamics of the tyre landscape.

To bring to life changes, we’ve published a white paper to provide in-depth insight covering everything, from the industry impact of electric vehicles to the emerging issue of tyre pollution.

We’ve designed the paper to help stimulate conversation and awareness. Acting as a guide, it allows readers to share with a view to building increased appreciation of the transformation occurring throughout tyres in our fleet sector.

Independent contributors to the paper include Halfords Autocentres, Micheldever Group and industry expert Matt Cranny - plus the paper is packed full of tips for fleets.

White paper highlights include:

  • Sustainability and pollution

  • The rise of EVs

  • Rising fleet SMR costs and supply chain issues

  • Sector staffing crisis

  • Industry innovation – tyres of the future and technology trends

There’s plenty to digest so we hope you find it a good read – and we would, of course, welcome your feedback. To read, please download here >

i247 Group White Paper The Evolving Tyre Landscape
Download PDF • 9.22MB

About us

Tyres have always been in our DNA. Believe it or not, we began our tyre adventure back in 1990 forming The Fleet Tyre Management (FTM), a network of 832 independent tyre centres across the UK, serving the fleet sector with a common price point and centralised independent billing. It was the first of its kind. Later we formed a truck and HGV breakdown division. The 90s and 2000s saw the introduction of a number of other tyre network and management ventures into the automotive market place, including setting up Fit4Fleet on behalf of Vauxhall. Roll on 30 years, we now partner with some of the UK's largest automotive providers, delivering outsourced, whitelabelled tyre management solutions, working across the entire tyre supply chain and collaborating with the biggest networks to offer a panel of over 6,000 centres and 2,000 mobile providers - so we like to think we know a thing or two about tyres!

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