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i247 Group supports LeasePlan differentiate their Tyre Service Provision

The i247 Group has provided new software to LeasePlan to help deliver its expanded tyre service network.

Following the deal that was signed last year, the leasing company expanded its tyre network across three new suppliers.

The i247 Group’s software solution, itms247 has supplied the necessary tools to control and optimise third party tyre supplier transactions to enhance operational efficiencies, improve the service offering to clients and essentially manage tyre supplier performance through real-time reports, dashboards and KPIs.

Running now for six months, the solution has been rolled out without any of the associated increases in management or administration that’s normally attached to handling multi supply chains.

Lesley Slater, operations and business development director at LeasePlan UK said: “LeasePlan's UK-wide tyre fitter network consists of over 1,500 outlets across three recognised fitter chains, National Tyres, ATS Euromaster and FTN. Thanks to the itms247 solution, we are able to ensure that our customers benefit from the specialism offered by each, using the feedback we gather via the contact centre to direct them to the best performing centres.

"We are also able to provide our customers with additional services that are not available in the retail sector. This includes 24/7 emergency cover, mobile fitment, guaranteed booking times and fleet safety checks. Having a software platform to enable this change was a vital component in this process. After a beneficial long term partnership of six years, and successful operation of the itms247 solution, we were also delighted to award the i247 Group with the award for LeasePlan Best Supplier Innovation in 2015.”

John Mason, managing director of the i247 Group said: “We are very proud of our solution, which is now fully integrated with the major tyre providers. The work we have done with LeasePlan UK has demonstrated the benefit that itms247 can bring to the industry and its customers. We’re glad we have been able to work closely with LeasePlan UK, a company that aims to place the customer at the heart of everything it does, improve its tyre procurement and management with significant benefit to the driver.”

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