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Free 24/7 motoring support for Dorset's NHS during COVID-19

National and local businesses have teamed up with Dorset-based i247 Group to provide a free 24/7 motoring support service for Dorset NHS workers during the coronavirus crisis.

The family-run automotive support group is now operating the dedicated phone service to provide NHS workers in Dorset a one stop shop to help keep them and their vehicles on the road.

Joining with national organisations, local branches and local businesses, i247 Group will be able to provide help in the event of a vehicle breakdown, urgent vehicle repairs, punctures and replacement tyres, windscreen replacement as well as offering vehicle rental services.

Founder and chairman of i247 Group, John Mason, said: “During this current covid-19 crisis we are already supporting critical fleet and key workers nationally through our in-life automotive fleet services.

“But we wanted to do something more for our local community and felt there was no better way than helping NHS workers as our way of saying thank you for all that they are doing for us.”

“By working with various partners, we have been able to bring together, in one place, a single phone number that provides Dorset NHS workers access to a host of services and offers currently being offered by numerous automotive suppliers.

“We know how hard the NHS is working on our behalf and we like many businesses wanted to show our support.

“By bringing all the great offers of help into one place we hope we can make it easier for these workers to sort out any issues they have with their vehicle quickly and easily, keeping them mobile during COVID-19 “

Call 24/7 on your dedicated NHS number 01202 628221 or visit us at and we’ll help you get your vehicle back on the road.

· Providing 24/7 vehicle support and direct access to fast fit centres and garage

workshops that remain open across Dorset

· Free breakdown service with the AA

· Priority access to National Tyres & ATS Euromaster mobile and booked

at competitive rates

· Priority access to Nationwide Windscreen Services (NWS) for mobile windscreen and glass replacement

· 40% discount off vehicle rental rates with VWFS Rent a Car

· Hassle free tyre, servicing, MOT, maintenance and repair appointment

· Access to a range of other offers

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Andrew Hunter
Andrew Hunter
25. Okt. 2023

I had a long crack in my windshield, and I was concerned about safety. RV Glass Repair company provided a fast and efficient repair, and now I feel much more secure on the road.

Gefällt mir
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