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Driving Abroad Following Brexit Considerations

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Now that we're fast approaching 2021, there's been lots of talk about driving in Europe after Brexit. If the UK leaves without a deal on 31st December 2021 some laws might change.

We know what you are thinking - "What will change?" "How will it impact our customer base?" and "What steps should we be taking?" to help we've looked into and have recommended the steps you should consider taking to ensure your business is prepared

What's Changing?

As Brexit talks continue it’s still not clear if UK motorists will be able to avoid the need for additional documentation to allow them to drive in the EU. The DVSA indicate that in the scenario where travel is not included in any trade agreement drivers will likely be required to carry a Green card and IDP. EU GB number plates will also no longer be valid. Instead drivers will need to have a GB (or other UK variation) sticker or a number plate without the EU stars.

The ABI, the Association of British Insurers, has written to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps urging him to put pressure on the European Commission to intervene.

Regardless of whether a trade deal is agreed, company car and Personal lease (PCH) drivers taking their vehicles to the EU after the Brexit transition period ends on December 31 will need to carry an insurance green card along with their VE103 Travel Abroad certificate unless the Commission agrees that the UK will remain part of the free circulation zone. Drivers caught without the correct paperwork risk having their vehicle seized and being prosecuted.

What Steps Should We Be Taking?

Do PCH drivers know the rules for taking their vehicle abroad?

It’s likely that personal lease and SME customers have been receiving information direct from their car insurers about the possible changes, around taking your car abroad post 31st December.

Whilst this is useful in terms of explaining the potential additional requirements such as a Green Card and IDP (international driving permit) it does raise two possible issues?

· Do these growing numbers of personal lease drivers know that they also need a VE103 Travel Abroad Certificate?


· If they do, will this see a surge in the numbers of requests being made for a certificate and are lease Co’s ready for another surge in admin and driver requests?

Lease Companies need to think about how they ensure that the VE103 message is getting to their PCH drivers to ensure they don’t fall foul of the law, but also how they will deal with any surge in demand as well as ensuring they have the right flexible controls and audit solutions in place

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Consider signposting changes to requirements with your customer base

The growth of SME and personal leasing in the UK does mean that many Leasing Company’s customers do not have the benefit of a fleet manager to keep them up to date on potential regulatory changes post Brexit.

Those drivers that fail to obtain necessary documentation may be refused entry to the country, could be subjected to a fine, or have their vehicle seized so its important that we're doing the upmost to help drivers stay compliant.

So how might we share "What will change?" we've considered what questions drivers are likely to ask and have summarised on the attached FAQ's

Foreign Travel Driver Advice 151220
Download PDF • 939KB

Consider whether your current VE103 solution is now fit for purpose?

With changes looming is your VE103 service still fit for purpose? Does it adequately support customers with all driving abroad questions? How do you ensure drivers understand the latest requirements and have the necessary documentation?

We're in the process of migrating our VE103 Travel abroad service to a 'Foreign Travel' solution that reflects the needs of upcoming requirements. Get in touch to find out more about the steps we're taking to evolve our foreign travel solution

We hope this post has brought to life the considerations you might want to explore before the 31st December. We're keen to help out partners navigate their way through this journey so if anyone would like support with any of the above please don't hesitate to contact us

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