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i247 Group "Coronavirus Planning Update"

i247 Group has been carefully monitoring the Coronavirus situation, following Government, Public Health England (PHE) and ACAS updates and advice, implementing proportionate processes and staff updates as detail and best practice has been shared. To date this has involved:

➢ Hand sanitiser on all desks and in communal areas

➢ Personal hygiene advice and coronavirus updates are on our intranet site - based on PHE advice

➢ The cleaners are disinfecting all handsets, door handles etc as an additional precaution. (Over and above our standard cleaning routines)

➢ We have additional disinfectant wipes to keep door handles & phones clean during the day

➢ We are monitoring closely absences, holiday requests and destinations

➢ Any member of staff who has a concern we are dealing with on an individual basis and speaking with prior to approving return to work

➢ Daily links for colleagues via our intranet site to latest PHE and Government advice

We have also been thinking about further potential steps based on how to dilute any risks. Whilst washing hands remains the number one piece of advice, we have also considered how to support creating more physical space and separation in our working environment.

Ensuring Business Continuity

After discussions with our colleagues, we will be moving a team of multi skilled / multi line volunteers along with a 1st line manager to our Business Continuity site in Holton Point. We shall be moving the remaining colleagues into smaller teams & separating them around our business, with the ability for further segregation if the risk in our local area changes. This measured and proportionate approach will allow us to continue to operate in a BAU way, de risk our colleagues from any potential future contamination and minimise any future impact to service.

In order to reduce risk further our sales & support team will work from home and be accessible for off-site meetings. Our operational support staff will be available by conference call only. Should you have a pre-booked meeting the organiser will be in contact in due course.

As the situation is fluid the Board of Management are reviewing all actions daily/weekly and have discussed further contingency plans based on various scenarios, these plans will be shared with our clients in the event of initiation

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