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Resource 24/7

The 24/7 flexible white labelled

extendable workforce...

Your Challenges?

Do you have a business case but no additional FTE available? Are key colleagues bogged down with mundane admin? Are service levels under pressure and customer acknowledgements taking too long? Do you have a new initiative you’d like to pilot but need some short term resource? Does the traditional temp solution not provide the continuity nor commitment you rely on? Is personal leasing growth leading to increased inbound communication?

Your Solution - Resource 24/7

With our 24/7 automotive contact centre we are able to provide round the clock administrative resource from simple driver acknowledgement and triaging to the correct department, to dedicated fleet admin tasks. Our bespoke solutions provide additional resource to support your business in a way that traditional temp staff just aren’t able to, providing a consistent and reliable flexible work force that not only can support your admin tasks but apply our operational experience and excellence to drive continuous improvements for as long or as little as required, freeing your headcount to concentrate on higher value activities

What's included?

  • White labelled Inbound and outbound contact centre

  • Extended opening hours 24/7 365 days a year

  • Tailored solutions delivered by an experienced Fleet administration resource

  • Ability to manage paper and digital created tasks

  • Secure links to either API or direct access to your systems

  • Bespoke rules sets creation down to vehicle/ driver level to ensure process adherence

  • Flexible contract terms

  • Monthly MI Reporting

  • Clear SLA’s and KPI’s

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One of our leasing partners needed additional administrative support to triage inbound driver contact, format/ allocate the task to the appropriate owner and where possible resolve the issue.

Resource 247 allowed this low level task to be completed around the clock freeing internal headcount to concentrate on higher value activities whilst improving customer response times. 


A fleet management company with significant growth aspirations needed some support with managing fleet administration processes and driver correspondence enabling their business to cope with increased demand levels.


A large leasing partner is delivering significant process automation but needed temporary resource to support management of the activity prior to launch.

Resource 247 allowed this activity to be completed meaning their team could focus on the process automation benefits.




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