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Proactive Booking Solutions

Keeping your vehicle and driver on the road for longer...

Are systems, headcount or knowledge holding you back from providing proactive solutions to your customers? What would need to change so you could stop being so reactive to your customer’s needs? Are you viewing your expenditure on a contact or incident cost basis and how does this impact the driver experience?

Proactive Booking Solutions

With growing customer demands for seamless driver experiences and increasing focus on the need to be managing the duty of care agenda our modular based solutions are designed to unlock a proactive approach by dealing with vehicle in-life management in an “events across the contract” rather than incidents on a “one at a time” basis.


Our systems and experience allow us to take in data feeds from multiple sources to identify as well as predict events. In doing this presents a proactive solution that contact drivers for scheduled work e.g. servicing, and to monitor expected work e.g. tyres, and manage them accordingly and importantly where appropriate collectively so that multiple items are captured on the same job at a time convenient to the driver rather than having to rebook drivers in.


Adopting our proactive booking solution enables you to minimise driver disruption, increase up-time, reduce cost, enhance your drivers experience, whilst ensuring your assets are directed to your preferred network in advance when they spare capacity rather than when its over due and they have no availability to support impacting both you and the driver adversely. 

What's included?

  • White labelled inbound and outbound contact centre

  • Extended opening hours 24/7 365 days 

  • Integration into a range of data feeds

  • Modular based proactive solutions including but not limited to:

    • Proactive Service and maintenance booking - based on vehicle schedule, connected car, telematics or recall/ MOT timings

    • Proactive Tyre management – authorisation and tyre per contract management based on vehicle inspections, history, tyre wear, mileage updates

    • Proactive Reminders – text, email alerts 

    • Progress checking

    • In-life messaging – text, email advice and support (simple white labelled push notifications with call to action)

  • Asset direction into your approved supplier(s) networks

  • Bespoke rules sets creation down to vehicle/ driver level

  • Driver Management including text/ email confirmations

  • Reminder text/email day before booking

  • On-line (mobile first) version 

  • Monthly MI Reporting

  • Clear SLA’s and KPI’s

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A captive leasing company is looking at how simple, but carefully timed, push notifications are prompting non-maintained drivers to actively book their vehicles in for servicing work ensuring they stay compliant with their lease contract but also encouraging the driver back into their franchised network.


A corporate business is  leveraging their telematic mileage capture data and integrating into our system to drive proactive booking of scheduled work - enhancing drivers experience and meeting their compliance requirements.



One of our Leasing partners is now improving the driver experience by allowing us to manage tyre authorisation using a tyres per contact overlay rather than just relying on a traditional tyres per transaction approach. This means some tyres are changed above their normal authorisation level based on where in the contract that vehicle which avoids the driver having to come in for tyre change more frequently but is not increasing the actual tyre spend.


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