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All Staff Update

As we approach Easter and the end of our 3rd week of special measures, no matter where you are, we wanted to keep everyone up to date with what's been going on across the business.

How are we supporting fleets during lock down?


We're playing an active and critical role to the country’s economic and health system during this pandemic. Whilst our direct clients are typically lease companies and fleet management organisations, our clients provide vehicles and services to key worker fleets that rely directly on their vehicle for work.

During this period many of our customers are relying on us to keep these vehicles moving, supporting essential services like repairing punctures, replacing cracked windows, organising recovery for breakdowns, arranging rental replacement vehicles, as well as booking maintenance and repair appointments to providers who have remained open. Without the amazing work you do none of this would be possible.

Our services enable key workers to continue to deliver food and vital supplies, supply power / internet, allow police, firefighter and ambulance blue light vehicles to respond to emergencies, carers to attend visits to the vulnerable and importantly enable NHS staff get to work and fight this pandemic.

To ensure we focus on helping those who need us most we’ve been proactively helping our clients identify key workers as well construct and send targeted SMS and emails that offer advice and support to these individuals. With dealers, fitters and providers now reducing staffing levels and closing centres to non-key workers we’re also monitoring those who remain open and steering jobs to those who can assist.

It’s great to see most of the country is taking the government advice and is staying at home. The impact of this though has reduced call and activity volumes considerably with people correctly delaying servicing requirements and other vehicle appointments until we come out of this period.

Whilst it remains unclear as to when things will get back to normal, what we do know is when normality returns, we’ll will be extremely busy, and we’ll need to continue to work together to manage the exit period. The company is already considering and planning what we can do to reduce inbound call levels by approaching activity proactively. Once plans are formalised, we’ll be updating everyone. If anyone has any ideas that may support don’t be afraid to email in your suggestions >

Feedback from clients

The amazing effort you've all been making hasn't gone unrecognised, here’s some of the recent feedback we’ve been sent from our clients:

“I cannot thank i247 enough for the support you have given us during this unprecedented time” Volkswagen Group

“I have spoken to SBL twice and they have been simply amazing, fantastic customer service, prompt, friendly and helpful” LeasePlan

“Thank you for your fast action and continued support, its much appreciated” Zenith

“A huge thank you to the whole of the I247 team for your continued support for our business and our customers at this challenging time” VWFS | Fleet

“Thank you for being there, it’s great to know we can always count on i247 for support” Interactive Fleet Management


Well done to everyone!

New Business

Despite the circumstances we've successfully secured several new clients and activities in recent weeks. New customers and activities include: 

- ARI have signed up to our Tyre Management Services
- Evezy have signed up to our Driverline Service
- Marshall – already an i247 customer have signed up to Downtime Management, MOT Notifications and proactive booking services – well done to those who work on the Marshall Service Booking Line!

Stay tuned for more upcoming announcements!

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